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Early Stage & Growth Investments

Ideas & Capital® aims to invest in promising early-stage and growth companies in Mexico that have the potential to generate significant returns for our investors. Our investment strategy is sector-agnostic, allowing us to seek out opportunities across various industries and verticals, including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and more.

We believe that Mexico presents a unique opportunity for venture capital investment due to its growing economy, talented and diverse workforce, and its proximity to the United States. Our fund is focused on identifying and investing in innovative startups that are positioned for growth and have the potential to disrupt their respective markets. In our experience, substantial value is created when we support local SMEs in their effort to become global. We are also excellent operative partners for foreign companies looking to open a business in Mexico.

Our investment approach involves partnering with management teams to provide both financial and strategic support to our portfolio companies. We believe that building strong relationships with our founders and management teams is crucial to achieving success in the venture capital space. By working closely with our portfolio companies, we aim to help them achieve their business objectives and navigate the challenges of scaling their operations.

We will be looking for early-stage companies that have a clear and compelling vision, a deep understanding of their target market, and a defensible business model. We will also prioritize companies that have demonstrated traction, including revenue growth, customer acquisition, and market share.

For growth-equity investments, we will be seeking out companies that have already established a solid foundation and are looking to accelerate their growth through further investment. We will be looking for companies that have demonstrated a track record of success, a large and growing market, and a clear path to profitability.

Overall, our venture capital fund is committed to identifying and investing in the most promising early-stage and growth companies in Mexico, and we believe that our sector-agnostic approach will allow us to capture opportunities across a range of industries and verticals.



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